EurasiaPro shopping catalogue is the ultimate book of knowledge about our eco-friendly green products, as well as a handy way of acquiring them. Turn the pages of this bright, beautiful catalogue and always stay healthy and active with EurasiaPro! 
Soft 100% natural sponges made of the exotic Konjac plant fibres. With the help of these wonderful sponges you'll be able to get professional spa results in just 5 minutes, in the comfort of your home. Konjac sponges simultaneously cleanse, nourish and massage your skin.  

This unique anti-aging tool is designed for home use and is perfectly safe to operate. ProBooster™ positively affects the aging skin by helping to restore its vitality, firmness and radiance.
Unique toothbrushes with gold and silver ions. These brushes have strong antibacterial properties that help to protect your gums and clean thoroughly without damaging the enamel. Plus, they last longer than conventional brushes.
This exclusive range of Dead Sea skincare products provides a unique combination of Dead Sea minerals and other 100% natural ingredients such as plant extracts and aromatic oils. From the lowest point on Earth - right into your bathroom!
Products from our range of natural food supplements that we call “mono-formulas” have numerous healing properties and a broad spectrum of beneficial effects on human body. 
Environmentally friendly tableware made of 100% natural bamboo fiber. Bamboo utensils are lightweight, durable and safe! Eco-friendly soy-based ink provides bright cheerful colors.
Comfortable slimming shorts with caffeine and coconut oil.  These shorts effectively reduce body fat in the problem areas such as thighs and lower belly. Moreover, they help tighten your skin and restore its elasticity. 
Elegant professional makeup brush sets. These brushes are of highest quality, hand-built and made of natural hair. Packaged in a stylish case, which is very convenient to carry around.
Salubrious jewellery from EurasiaPro™ is an extraordinary blend of ultra-modern design and the latest scientific achievements in the field of health.
Effective easy-to-use massager. Combines the effects of acupuncture and massage with the healing properties of magnetic field, infrared rays, germanium and negative ions. Helps eliminate the pain, cramps and swelling. Improves blood circulation, tones and relieves muscle tension.